Project Funway


College is going to be so expensive. Might better get her into thrifty mode now by teaching her how to make her own clothes. SEE and SEW by Tina Davis, is a charming little book that may even spark a career. That, or a smack down on a reality show.

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Haunted Housework


The Widow’s Broom, by Chris VanAllsburg, is hardly new (1992) and is unjustly overshadowed by his other seasonal classic, The Polar Express. Much more fairy than scary, this autumnal tale of a widow who finds herself in possession of an extraordinary broom contains page upon page of frame worthy illustration. A creepy twist on cleanliness for readers as young as five.

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Handy Hint


Each one of these clever hardware alphabet cards is a generous 8″ x 10″. With strategic placement above her crib they will be a subtle reminder for Daddy that, until she can wield the hammer herself, perhaps Mommy’s honey-do list could use some attention.


Crumby Character


COOKIES by Amy Krouse Rosenthal teaches “bite-size life lessons”. How does a child of four know what patience really means? Character qualities are exquisitely illustrated with one cookie and an everyday situation. Brilliant in its simplicity, it is certain to be an award winner. Go ahead, take a bite!

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