David Azzato about the future of e-commerce

In terms of the digital universe, e-commerce is still in its incipient phase. However, the future of e-commerce is bright – we already know that retailers consider same-day shipping and drone shipping careers. We met David Azzato and interviewed him on e-commerce. Will it remain as we know it, will it develop and towards what direction? Here are some trends that might become mandatory for future e-commerce.

David Azzato’s view on online shopping

“Shoppers increasingly use tablets and smartphones to purchase various products and services. Online shopping will always be convenient because you do not have to test or try the product. You can return it if you are not happy with your purchase and you will get a full refund”, began David Azzato. But e-commerce as we know it today will go through major changes in the future.

The e-commerce environment is crowded and incredibly difficult for small businesses. More than 800,000 online stores compete to attract the attention of online shoppers through the gateway of Google. As a consequence, the online real estate became expensive and crowded and small businesses must come with brand new ideas to survive. David Azzato: “Some retailers decide to invest in offline shops, yet the prices in online shops are considerably reduced. Though Amazon, Bonobos and Casper became traditional retails after starting life online, they encourage online sales with costs that are 20-40% reduced.”

What do we know about the future of e-commerce?

Visionaries such as David Azzato are convinced that delivery drones are only a tiny part of e-commerce’s future. “Drones are already tested as the retailers aim to deliver their orders more quickly and efficiently. The costs of shipment will be reduced and the shopper will receive the package within 30 to 60 minutes after placing the order” told us David Azzato. In addition to this, the customer experience will be improved and personalization will become the holy grail of e-commerce.

Online was always a bit too cold and impersonal, but e-commerce retailers strive now to change that and make things more tangible and personal for shoppers. Product selection will become better, delivery times will improve and the future of buying online will be focused on shoppers’ experience. David Azzato shared us one more thing: “Some clients will want to connect with your brand in a physical way. The idea of Pop up shops will satisfy their curiosity regarding your product, but the discounts offered online will convince them to buy from the website. Hence the Pop up shops are for presentation only.”

In current days it is complicated to optimize the user experience. Shoppers use various devices for online shopping, but the future sounds better for all customers, whether they purchase from desktops, tablets or smartphones. What matters is to make the on-site experience as easy and convenient as possible. David Azzato’s recommendations are to adapt and evolve if you want to be present in the future of e-commerce. Keep in mind that success will come from a series of small steps. Are you ready to implement these changes and meet the requirements of your online shoppers?

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What is the best cure for warts?

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