Newborn Nosegay


Flowers die, but this baby bouquet is a sweet, permanent reminder that baby is on the way. As if your Vienna sausage toes aren’t reminder enough. The new “diaper cake”for hip moms.


Ladybug Choos


Spring is a state of mind. Ladybug baby booties may not hasten Spring’s arrival, but for most girls, its all about the shoes anyway. Relax Emily, at least they aren’t white.


Mom’s Little Black Book


So its technically not a kid item. But without this sleek leather Mom Agenda , Junior and Precious might be stranded at some soccer tourney while you are getting your monthly Brazillian. If only dental appointments and Room Mom meetings could be as sexy.


Don’t lose your lunch.


Made of crisp oilcloth, this earth friendly lunchbag can be mongrammed in three different fonts and comes in five different cottage colored ginghams. A charming bag for when that hideous Bratz lunchbox loses its luster. Or it loses itself.